Property Systems, Inc.

Property Systems, Inc. Services
At Property Systems, Inc., we offer full service professional management of apartment communities, mobilehome communties and commercial properties located in Oregon and Washington.
We pride ourselves in our commitment to maximizing your property’s potential while protecting your investment from unnecessary risk. We offer hands-on service with daily communication with on-site personnel. We have strong, long-term relationships with vendors throughout all areas we service. We strictly adhere to Landlord/Tenant Laws and Fair Housing Laws in all aspects of our management.  

We provide the following services for all properties under our management:

Pay all accounts payable for the property, including but not limited to mortgage payments, insurance, property taxes, payroll, utilities, maintenance costs, licenses and permits
Monitor accounts receivable and handle delinquencies, conducting evictions when needed
Schedule monthly on-site visits to the property, with additional visits scheduled if deemed necessary during projects, staff changes or other situations
Monitor tenant contracts and assist staff in enforcing compliance with all portions of tenant contracts
Inspect vacant units at each site visit, checking for progress on unit turnovers and inspecting for rent readiness
Inspect grounds at each site visit, checking for lighting, landscaping, building maintenance and safety issues
Inspect the rental office at each site visit, monitoring tenant files and compliance with all company procedures
Deal with tenant communications and tenant relations
Oversee major and minor on-site projects by outside vendors, ensuring that the work is completed in a timely manner and is done thoroughly and to our high standards
Provide monthly owner reports detailing income, expenses and vacancies. These reports are flexible and can be customized to fit each owner’s needs
Ensure that insurance premiums are paid and thoroughly handle any claims that arise, from beginning to end
Generate 1099’s and 1096's annually
Create an annual budget and report on any variances throughout the year
Handle all hiring and firing of on-site personnel
Handle all aspects of payroll, to include employee payment, taxes, employee insurance, workers comp and W-2s
Hold periodic employee evaluations and handle disciplinary actions, when necessary
Process all security deposit settlements prepared by on-site staff, issuing refunds when applicable and pursuing delinquencies
Submitting delinquents to collections, when necessary
Monitor compliance of Fair Housing Laws by all personnel
Hold monthly safety meeting in compliance with OSHA regulations
Oversee screening criteria compliance of on-site personnel to avoid discrimination issues
Provide on-site staff with 24-hour support for any issues or emergencies that arise in the management of the property
Develop a marketing plan and provide assistance to on-site staff in the implementation of that plan

We strive to provide hands-on, personalized service to our clients. Please contact us to discuss what our experience and dedication can do for you and your property.